Entrepreneurship has always been a passion of mine. I feel there is a sense of camaraderie with fellow entrepreneurs that gets lost in larger organizations. Although my life path took me in a different direction I always missed the ambitious spirit of running a small business. That is why I started Misce, LLC. At its core, Misce, LLC was always meant to be the spring board for a mix of passions that I have. It gives me a way to be creative without being limited to one idea or thought. From this parent company, Misce Goods came into fruition. 


Growing up as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I’ve had the privilege to learn from our past and instill what we have learned into the future. From learning how to face adversity, learning the importance of representation, to simply showing the love that we share for each other in so many ways. I have also discovered there also are so many creative and talented individuals who deserve a platform to share their work. This is why Misce Goods was created.


At Misce Goods, not only are we focused on thoughtful merchandising, but at our core we are committed to showcasing the talents of LGBTQ+ and allied businesses. Also as a commitment to our environment we are working with businesses who source and/or create their products with Eco-friendly processes and sustainability in mind. 


Thank you for visiting us here at Misce Goods!


Jimmy Tran,

Founder, Misce Goods