Ends of the Earth - Palo Santo

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Cleanse any space with these sustainably sourced Palo Santo from our friends at Ends of the Earth. These are sourced from Palo Santo trees that have naturally died in Ecuador. Farmers harvest the dead trees into what we use cleanse out negative energy from our home, office, or business. The scent of Palo Santo has also been known to as a natural remedy for anxiety, depression, headaches, inflammation, and colds. The robust smell of Palo Santo is addictively earthy, with hints of pine and lemon. 

Each box comes with 5 sustainably sourced sticks of Palo Santo from Ecuador. 

How to burn Palo Santo:

Use a candle or lighter to ignite the stick. Hold it at about a 45-degree angle and point the tip down toward the flame of your candle. Let the stick burn about 30 secs, then blow it out. Smoke will rise from the embers and spread into the air. You can hold it in your hand or place the stick on an incense holder. Use it in any room or area you would like to clear of negative energy.